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#108 Conversation - giving your opinion. (Low Int.)

[This lesson is under review and I'll be updating shortly. Thanks for your patience!]


108 - Conversation - Giving Your Opinion  


This lesson uses Zoom Words

1. Get a list
of vocabulary items or phrases you want the students to practice.

2. Go to Zoom Words
and select your colors (white background is best I think). Alternatively, just put up your list on a power point or on the board prior to class!!

3. Input your words or phrases/sentences, one by one
. Click the "add to list" button each time.

4. Press "Copy the code"
and then embed on your blog/webpage (or here on EFL Classroom). I think "Posterous" is perfect for this sort of thing. HERE is my creation on Posterous. Tip: increase the width/height in the embed code if you wish.

5. Get students to talk
about the words/phrases that appear by giving them some target language on the board or on paper. For my example, I provided the simple phrase:

I think __________(s) is / are _________________!

6. After you've got them talking and warmed up - use the attached survey cards! Give one to each student and they survey the classroom and then report back to their group! Simple as pie and a good way to practice > All / Most / Many / Some / A few - of us.

You might also use our flashcard sets for vocabulary. Students can go to the site and practice the vocabulary later. Try this one - Essential words and phrases.  Also see all our Conversation/Discussion resources.

Resources: Survey Cards

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