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#109 Be an inventor! ( Int.)

109 - Be An Inventor

Students, especially tweens and teens, love thinking about inventions. They are fascinated with "the possible" and this lesson really motivates them.

1. Brainstorm together some very important or not so important inventions. Record them on the board.
2. Ask the students to rank the inventions mentioned or use the worksheet attached. Make sure they are prepared with a reason why something is ranked high or low.
3. Discuss - use the following target language on the board -
"We ranked ___________, _____ because  _______________.
4. After, watch the following video and as students watch, they should record the name of the invention and what it is does.
5. Finally, as a production activity, get students to come up with their own invention! See the attached worksheet that they can fill in or even better, copy and put on chart/poster paper for presenting afterwards. You'll be surprised what they come up with, I'm sure!
If you have more time, watch some "Inspector Gadget"  to inspire them! Or quiz them using this flashcard set on "tools". All inventors need to know about tools!

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