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#11 Classroom interviews / radio shows(Low)

#11 Classroom interviews / radio shows.

I find that many students don't learn how to make questions, early enough. It is a vital skill and especially important if you want to foster dialogue/conversation. No conversation can really happen with questions!

I have found a classroom radio show to be a perfect anecdote. Both for helping students acquire the ability to ask basic questions and for fostering speaking skills. I usually would interview a new student each day, as a class. I called this the "Mr. D. Radio Show". Eventually, I got higher level students being the MC and I just sat back and enjoyed the "show".

How? Well, use the MesEnglish identity cards attached. Write down on chart paper, the questions for each of the items (Name, Age, nationality etc...). As the students as a group ask or repeat the questions, the chosen student answers. When you've interviewed all the students, have them take an identity ( a superhero, celebrity ) and without asking their name, the students ask questions and guess who..... You can also make this into a classroom activity by having students interview each other in pairs using the cards. Further, the cards can be used for any sort of "find someone who..." game. Simply hand out the cards and give the students a task . For example - find someone who is the same nationality as you. Students go around the room asking. If they find a match, they link arms and continue walking around the room asking "Where are you from?". This works for birthdays, likes, height, weight, etc...)

Enjoy the interviews. I will also add, the microphone aspect of this works well to get students who otherwise wouldn't talk, speaking. Especially in Asian countries, giving a student a microphone transforms them and they get some sort of anonymity from it and feel more comfortable speaking.


Role Play Cards 1

Role Play Cards 2

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