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#110 Describe and Draw (Low Int.)

pictureDescribe and Draw is a very simple but complete lesson. A basic 2 way task. But be warned, it will take time but also get students speaking A LOT!  

1. The teacher draws as the students describe a picture. Provide a picture for the class and they describe it to you. Alternatively, you can have another student draw on the board (but I encourage teachers to show themselves drawing, it will give those students who can't draw well, more confidence). Provide some basic target vocabulary on the board. There is.... There are ........(s). On the left, On the right. Behind, In front of ....  etc

2.  After the picture is drawn have a student or students come to the board and label. (writing practice).

3.  Next, put students into pairs. Give one student a picture and that student describes to the other who draws. Make sure to stress they aren't to look. If your students won't stop looking, use dividers or sit them back to back. That will work!

4. Reverse rolls, giving the student who drew, a picture to describe.

5. Each student labels as much information as possible on their picture.

6. Review. Get students to describe the pictures as a group.

Andrew Wright has produced a lot of resources for teachers regarding both learning how to draw pictures and pictures to use in the classroom. Here are a few examples to use in the above activity.
Settings - pictures for teachers

A nice activity that is quite similar is the "What do you see" activity. See the handout and basically, students "dream" and say what they think about any given scene or topic. They draw and label. Do as a group or individually.

Students love drawing, so these activities are guaranteed to work!

Here too is an example that is quite advanced - drawing faces.  This blog post tells more about how to use drawing in your class. Students love it!


Resources: I Can See  sheet   |     Describe and Draw Yourself sheet  | Drawing worksheet  | Describe and Draw  | Draw my thing

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