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#111 Zoo making and Animal Talk (Low)

111 - Zoo Making and Animal Talk

Today's lesson is for low level students and I was reminded of it from a teacher at a training session today. Her remarkable variation into "Noah's Ark" got me making this standard that I've used over the years.

1.  Warm Up/Engagement:  Brainstorm about animals in the zoo. Either together or in groups. Option 2 - use the worksheet attached and play "The Elephant Song".  Students write down the animal names and do a matching walkabout afterwards. This song is super!   You might also play Beebo's Zoo - another classic. Another option is this video - an ABC of real zoo animals. Or maybe listen to something authentic - this 5 year old talking about the zoo!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

2. Draw a quick zoo sketch on the board. Just a rectangle with some boxes (like the attached handout). Ask the students what animals should go where. As they answer, have students draw in the animals.Do this quickly as a class.

3. Make a zoo!  Give students the handout and in pairs or small groups, they design their own zoo and decide where to put all the animals. They can either cut them out and glue them or just draw them in. Best results if you use this on larger sized paper. Walk around and monitor, encourage as the students work. Put on some good animal music - maybe the elephant song.

4. Get some students to present about their zoo. Discuss and question. Should lions be near giraffes? Make sure to display the student's work!

There you have it - a wonderful animal lesson. I've also included many pictures you can print out and use in addition to those on the worksheet.

Resources:     Animal Matching (worksheet)   |   Zoo Maker sheet   |   Animals (.zip)  |  Flashcards to print  | PPT

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