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#112 Describing people (High Int.)

112 - The Multi Platform Male

This lesson is a media awareness lesson. See this lesson for more resources and ideas for teaching media literacy. 


1.  Discuss with students what the word might mean?  Brainstorm the 2 kinds of males that they think exist out there.  


2.  Watch the video twice. First time, without pausing. Second time, have students stand up when they hear a word that they circled. (you can stop the video about 2/3 of the way through). 


3.  In groups, students brainstorm and fill out a profile for both John and Pete. 


Extension: What would be the similar thing for girls? The Multi-Platform female?  Make profiles for them. You might also do this lesson by having students fill out a Venn Diagram. What is different for each person and what are the similar things? 


Resources:   Multi Platform Male Lesson worksheet



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