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#114 Spiderman and superheroes ( Low Int.)

114 - Spider man and Superheroes

Students love superheroes!  This lesson focuses on Spiderman and offers additional activities for drawing a superhero. 


1. Listen/Watch the Spiderman theme song.  Here's another version or just  

use the attached mp3.


2. Students listen/watch again and fill in the cloze sheet.

3. Turn over the worksheet and students can draw their own superhero and list what the superhero can do. I've attached a handy powerpoint for teaching this language, from mes. Supplement the lesson with these flashcards I put together or the Spiderman vocab. game.  For self study students can play the games there on Quizlet or also try this amazing spiderman action game!

Resources:   Spiderman lesson sheet  |   Theme Song MP3  |    Superhero Powers PPT, home of free online educational games Superhero flashcards and games      Also - have students play the Spiderman Vocabulary game!


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