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#115 Rap like Eminem! (Low Int.)

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This Eminem song is superb and we all know students love learning English through this kind of music!


1.Discuss.  Ask students what they know about Eminem. Show some pictures of him. Maybe even see if Akinator can guess Eminem! Ask students to say if the following facts are True or False (see the attached materials/worksheet). They can vote. (change some of them). 


2. Jigsaw.   Cut out the song lines and ask students in pairs/groups to put the lines of the song together. 


3. Listen.   Listen to the song. Students fill in the blanks and also check their lines.  


4. Sing.  Give each pair of students, one line from the song. Try to sing the song, one line at a time. Keep practicing! 


5. Their Turn. Students in pairs write their own rap, using the cloze. Share and perform for the class!


Resources: I'm Not Afraid Lesson sheet  | Download video  |  Read the Gif Book (extra worksheets for teachers)

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