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#116 - This Is The Truth (commercial) (High Int.)

Commercials are so powerful a teaching medium in the classroom. I'm a big fan. This lesson is a part of the new EnglishCentral coursebook . A book I've put together. 20 lessons based on commercials. Students listen, do exercises and then make their own "copycat" commercial. It's really cool. They can also speak the commercials on EnglishCentral. See a sample of a course you can put together on EnglishCentral HERE.

Like all the lessons in the book, the basic delivery is the same.



1.Watch the full video.

2. Watch again but this time, students fill in the missing words. Watch again and pause to take up.

3. Do the vocabulary check up. Students complete the sentences.

4. Students use the first page cloze to write up their own commercial. Present for the class, time permitting. Teacher monitors.

As an extension, students can go to the EnglishCentral version and "speak" the video and do the vocabulary quiz. Another extension is the Fact or Opinion?  sheet. In pairs, students take turns reading statements. The other guesses if it is a fact or just an opinion.

Want more? See my post on the best commercials for teaching

Resources:  THE WORKSHEET AND MATERIALS  |  Video Download

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