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#118 Technologic. Talking about technology. (Int.)

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118 - Technologic. Talking about technology

Daft Punk has some wonderful songs for us teachers! Technologic is one of them, see another HERE.

This lesson gets students practicing and using vocabulary specific to technology and online media. Very useful stuff! Plus it is fun. Refer to the handout attached.

1. Play the video and watch once. After, ask the students in small groups, to brainstorm and write down all the vocabulary/words they remember. Play again and repeat. Write down the words on the board, or some of them. Ask the Ss some personal questions about the words. ie. When did you last download something? etc...

2. Give out the worksheet. Check the answers against the wordle

3. Verbs + Noun. Students make two columns or on a piece of paper, brainstorm the verbs for the things.Write on the board - " You can ___________ (preposition) a ____________." Get some answers and examples. Ask students to do more and take up.

4. Survey mingle. Give students a survey card. They walk around the room asking and answering. They should record the results. Emphasize they should speak only English if possible.

5. Students present their findings using the phrase:

I asked people, "___________________?" I found out that _________ .

6. Finish up by playing the song again!


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