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#119 Making a P and J Sandwich (Low Int.)

119 - Making A P and J Sandwich

This is a standard lesson in many countries and a powerful form of "learning by teaching" . Also, a great way to practice steps, transitions. 


1. Write transitions on the board.  First , Next, Then, After That, Finally.   Tell the students how to tie your shoe (or something like that) using the transitions. See if other students can tell you how to do other simple things ( start a computer, make an egg, shave etc....)


2. Watch the video.  Ask students to think/note the stages of making a P and J sandwich. 


3. Give the handout (attached). Ask students to put the stages in order. Watch the video again and check your answers.  Ask students to not look at their sheet - can they retell to their partners? You might even after the lesson, assess students using the sheet in the attached ppt as a tool. More info. they can retell, the more points they get.
4. Students write out a recipe for their own food. If the students are lower level, do this as a class. After, get some students to retell. 


5. Mr. Bean Makes A Sandwich. Finish on a high note watching the video. Get Ss to retell and use the attached ppt to prompt. 

6. Students can also read the book HERE and study the vocabulary with Quizlet. 


Resources:   Making A Sandwich is Easy   (handout)    |   Making A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (PPT)   | Video download   |  Student reading

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