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#12 -- POP UP CARS(Low)

#12 -- POP UP CARS

This lesson is for young learners. As you probably know, all young students love cars! (and don't let the secret out but girls also...). This simple lesson idea is for practicing colours.

Students chose one of the 2 popup cars attached. Print them on stiffer/thicker paper. Then, they colour them their favourite colours, chosing from a list. Students then get the chance to describe their car. You can even practice car vocabulary this way.

Not a heavy lesson but one which students will enjoy. I've also hung up the cars after they are coloured and glued. Nice way to get some class pride going and it keeps them out of their hands.

You can even play a quick quiz game using the racing car counter attached. Great way to make a boring question and answer game fun!

Pop-Up Car   Pop Up Car 2   Pop Up Van

Car Race ppt

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