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#120 Getting Started - Procrastination (Intermediate)

120 - Getting started - Procrastination . A great video lesson!

A few teachers have emailed me to say they have used this NFB video - Getting Started. By the famous Big Snit creator Richard Condie. See all our NFB chosen videos HERE!

Students can also study this fun video about procrastination on EnglishCentral. Or read this book on Gif Lingua. 

1. -- Brainstorm with the students or in groups on things THEY do to avoid a task/job. Give some examples like "eat" , "play video games" etc....

2. Watch the video. Print out slide 2 (File - Print Preview - Print) and ask the students to circle all the things the man does to avoid "getting started".

3. Correct and then as a class or in groups/pairs, use the powerpoint attached to retell the story! Or even role play it with a student at the front of the class and the others directing - telling him/her what to do.

Many other ways to use this marvelously creative video!

Resources:  Getting Started PPT     |   Download for offline viewing  | Worksheets  |   Procrastination Workbook

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