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#121 - I am beautiful (high beginner)

121 - I am Beautiful - Self Expression

I will be giving a very hands on 4 hour teacher training workshop this May at a major conference. I will focus on contextualizing and especially personalizing lesson content. I feel that what makes every lesson BEAUTIFUL is that it connects to the learner's / student's own life. Great teachers make this connection happen. You can learn and learn but never learn "I'd like one medium sized cheese pizza, please" in class. However, if you are starving to death and standing infront of the counter with the clerk - you'll learn it so well that next time, that phrase will come out perfectly!

One great lesson and especially at the beginning of any course or school year - is to focus on getting the students describing themselves and feeling good about themselves (in English). One great way is to do a "grammar poem".

1. Engage the learners -- ask them to describe themselves in one word. Brainstorm. Maybe play "I am Beautiful" (below and here's the lyric foldem listening sheet) to get the juices flowing. Then, using the template of "Me, Myself and I (attached below) which you've put on the board, as a class make a poem for you the teacher. Elicit responses from the students to fill it in (give the chalk to one student who will write in the responses).

2. Get students to fill in their own "Me, Myself and I" poem. Monitor and go around the classroom giving students ideas. Make sure they decorate and color so you can display them afterwards!

3. Choose some of the better poems
and get the students to present them. Make sure to have lots of clapping and cheering for each presenter.

4. You might also try this presentation. Another nice one I made to foster self - image. The other Describe and Draw handout is a further extension and a great writing exercise for getting to know each other...

Enjoy this great lesson! Getting students to learn English through expressing themselves is so powerful.....

Resources:  Me, Myself and I            Describe and Draw Yourself      Gif Book - Body Types  (teachers register to get the worksheets about body image)

I am Beautiful KFN  (get the KFN player on our Karaoke page)  |  Karaoke video downloadTraditional karaoke download

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