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#122 - The Snowman

The most perfect of Christmas stories.  Your students will love this classic tale and be engrossed by the animation and music. There is even a lesson to be told with the tale. 

1.  Ask students about life?  What makes something alive?    Ask about snowmen.  Have they ever made one?   Can snowmen live? 


2.  Handout the worksheet and ask the students to put the story in order.  They should write a word, noun or verb, under each picture.


3.  Watch the movie pausing occasionally and asking what will happen next. Let students guess. 


4.  Ask students to review their worksheet. Check the order/sequence and retell. Optionally, use the retelling powerpoint to elicit the story from the students. 


5.  Finally, get students to design or draw a snowman! Perfect fun. Put on some carols while they work/draw. Even make one online!

This blog post has a unique lesson plan of a "stolen" snowman.....




Resources:   Snowman short PPT  |    The Snowman worksheets    |    The Snowman Retell PPT   | Download Video

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