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#125 Man vs Nature: The World We Live In. (Intermediate)

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125 - Man vs Nature

This lesson really gets students thinking about the "modern" and the "natural" worlds. A truly fascinating topic. 

The lesson is based on the World Wildlife Fund video - The World Where We Live. 


1. Write two columns on the board.     Man   |    Nature. State some things/adjectives and ask which column to put them. ex. Buildings, hunger, language.


2. Give out the handout (belowand ask students to do the same using the words in the handout. Take up the answers (which will vary)


3. Watch The Video several times(41 sec.). You might even stop the video at each image and illicit comments/language/vocabulary.


4. Show the video again,pausing at each image (there are 10). Ask the students to write one word on the worksheet for each. This will make a poem. After, have some students present their poems to the class.


5. Flashcards.Give out the flashcard sets and have students match the words and images. They can even go online and do this or show this in class.


6. Venn Diagram.Finish by getting the students to brainstorm their own ideas. Extend their thinking skills. what terms/things can they come up with!



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