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# 126 Vowels (high beginner)

Pronunciation isn't an easy thing to teach!  However, we have some great tools for you on EFL Classroom 2.0 and the site I've help build - EnglishCentral.  


Visit our Pronunciation page for lots of tools, especially the Fonetiks  presentation of all the sounds of English. On EnglishCentral, students get specific feedback about their pronunciation and teachers can see where their students are weak using the Teacher tools.


Here is a great lesson specifically for practicing the tough vowel sounds of English.  The worksheet will take the students through the whole lesson using this amazing video - VOWELS.



1.Show the video pausing and allowing students to pronounce the words.  You might even pause after each word and ask students to make a whole sentence using the word. 


2.  Watch again while students read using the worksheet. 


3.  Students add words to each vowel list. 


4.  Students use the Wordle vocabulary picture to practice making sentences with the words. 


Resources:  Worksheet  |     Phonetic Alphabet   |  Vowel Game |   Some Teaching Ideas


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