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#128 - Protect Your Dreams (intermediate)

128 - Protect Your Dreams

This lesson focuses on the future and talking about "dreams", the dreams students have for the future or did have when they were young. 


The film, "The Pursuit Of Happiness" is the backdrop for the lesson and may lead to a discussion in and of itself....


1. Introduction.Prompt student background knowledge. Write the word "Dream" on the board and ask them about what people usually dream about (for the future).  Discuss their own dreams, aspirations. 


2.  Watch.Ask students if they have seen the movie - The Pursuit Of Happiness.  What is it about?   Show the film clip and ask them to answer the question - "Does the father want his son to be a pro basketball player?"



3.  Answer the question.There will be differing opinions!  Watch again with the transcript and get students to role play the scene together using the transcript or trying without and just "speaking". It's a great challenge! 

4.  Discussion. Ask the students to finish the worksheet exercises and discussion. Ask them to produce sentences -

What if (person) hadn't protected their dream, we wouldn't have (thing). 


Extension - try showing "I have a dream", the famous speech of MLK Jr. or students can "speak" the inspiring video of winter and summer Olympic medalist Clara Hughes as she talks about how she protected her dream. 


Resources:  Lesson sheet / Transcript   |    I have a dream - MLK Jr.    |  Clara Hughes speaks about protecting her dream   |   Video Download

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