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# 130 - Forgotten (Home) (Low)

# 130 - Forgotten.   A lesson about homes. 

This lesson is centered around a superb video - Forgotten. It helps students both describe events / sounds and use vocabulary related to houses and what usually happens there. 

1.   Play the video without the picture. Pause the video as you go along and ask the students what they think is happening. Where are they. Etc....   Write on the board as a prompt - It sounds like .....

2.  Give students in groups or pairs the "It Sounds Like" sentences cut up into stripes. Play the video again  and get the students to put the sentences in order.  After, check their answers by replaying again and asking students to state what it sounds like is happening. 

3. Play the video with images. This time ask students to write down all the places they see as the video plays. 

4.  Check the answers by playing the video and pausing, soliciting answers to:

           1.  Where are you? 

           2.  What was happening there? 

       You might even use the powerpoint at this point to check the answers. 

5.  Time permitting - get Ss to play "Nosy Neighbors" or get them to write a story / draw a picture about a house and what is happening there, in each room.  Try the "This Is Where I Live" activity, it is similar. 

Resources:   Forgotten PPT  |  Sounds Like ... sentences  |   Nosy Neighbour game  |   This Is Where I Live  |  What's ___ doing? (flash presentation)  |  Video download

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