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# 131 - SplitScreen: One Day In The Life (beginner)

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# 131:  Splitscreen - daily life and routines


This lesson is low level and revolves around an amazing video: SplitScreen. 


The video is all about one day in a man/woman's life, shown with splitscreens. Many ways to go about teaching this but here is my recommended delivery with resources. 


1. Ask the students what they did today?  Put "First, next, then, after that" as a list on the board and ask them to say using those sequential transitions. Share with the students about your own day. 


2.Put students in small groups. Several students facing the video and one who has their back to the video. Play the unsubtitled version and ask the students to describe what is happening.  Half way, change the person whose back is turned. 


3.Play again.  Pause and ask the students what happened.  Elicit the correct answers. Or use the powerpoint that is included. 


4.Watch the subtitled version and let the students state the correct answers/description. They can tell the story again in small groups with these prompts. 


5.Use the flashcards and have the students cut them up and order the story.  (they can also test/play games with our Quizlet online version. 


Extension: Have the students watch the video and then write about this person's day. Makes a great writing exercise. 



Download for offline use .

Comment by Sue on October 13, 2012 at 8:27am

I really really love this! I'm gonna give this a whirl in class next week.

I know what my kids will say though, if one flew to one city and at the same time one flew to the other did they meet????

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