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#132: Your hands can do so many things (high beginner)

This is a wonderful lesson that students of all levels can get into. 

1. Watch the commercial for Delta faucets based on the song by the Count - "Your hands can do so many things".  Play and ask students to name some more things hands can do. 

Use the worksheet with the words.

2. Ask students to rewrite the song using their own ideas (use the worksheet)  of what hands can do. Perform some of the students' songs and share!

3. Trace your hand on the board.  Ask students to name some more things hands can do (based on all the previous examples). Write some down. 

4. Ask students to trace their handson their worksheets and brainstorm things hands can do.  Students also write complete sentences. Teacher monitors and corrects. Share some examples after students are finished and display their work! 

Extension:  Washing hands. 

Go through the steps to washing hands using the Washing Hands booklet. After readings, cut up and have students put the steps in order, describing each step.   Also try the song "He's got the whole world in his hands" chant.  Also use this presentation to present about things hands can do!


Resources:  Hands Worksheet  |   Video |  Sesame street worksheet    |    Wash your hands booklet   |  CDC  Wash hands song   |  

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