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#133 - What Can I Change? (Intermediate)

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This lesson will both teach English and inspire students while allowing them to test their thinking skills in English. 

1.  Write on the board the word "change"? Ask students to state the things they would change about their classroom / school, family, city, country, life. Write them down on the board. 

2.  Play the video What Can I Change? Ask students to take notes about what he'd change in 

3.  Play again with the worksheet. Before playing, ask students to try and guess the missing words in the transcript. 

4.  Students brainstorm and complete what the famous people did - that others told them they couldn't. 

5.  Be the change.  Ask students about Gandhi's quote.  Students write what they can change in the world and how. Have students share the things they can do.

Extension:  Students record the voicethread about what they can change.  Students write out a message to the world, inspired by the video.  

Resources:    Video    


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