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# 134 7 Billion People (Intermediate)

This lesson from the National Geographic project: 7 billion people  really gets students thinking critically about their place in the world. Perfect for a lesson on global issues. Also, a great lesson for practicing large numbers!

Read and study the book on Gif Lingua. Also get worksheets. 

The lesson delivery is simple. 

1.  Write a question from the worksheets on the board, about the world. Ask students to guess. Share the correct answer.    If you have a projector and screen - show this presentation or this one  about what's happening in the world right now! 


2.Students fill out the worksheet in pairs or groups, guessing what they think the numbers/answers are.  Time permitting, ask students for some of their own answers before viewing the video. 


3.Watch the video for each worksheet (each video could be a different lesson with the same delivery).  Check the answers after as a group. 



Extension:  Watch any of the 6 Billion Other videos. Share thoughts. Also, get students to brainstorm about what is the worlds biggest problem(s) and possible solutions.  A great authentic listening material is the NY Times - One in 8 million.


Resources: 7 Billion People worksheet  |  7 billion people video  (download) |   Are you typical? video  (download)

World Issues Page  |   What People Eat In the world  | 6 billion others



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