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#135 New Year's Resolutions (Intermediate)

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This lesson is a listening activity that gets students listening skills for authentic English sharp and ready.  

1.  Common New Year's Resolutions.  

Ask students what some common resolutions are.  Have a student record them on the board.   Next, in small groups, ask students to rank the common New Year's Resolutions on the worksheet and take up. 


2.  What's Your New Year's Resolution. 

Give out the  Find Someone Who worksheet and ask each student to write down their resolution for the New |Year.  Next, students then go around the classroom finding out what other students resolve.  After, they can share their findings in small groups. 


3.  Celebrity New Year's Resolutions. 

Play the video and have students listen to some celebrities talking about their New Years Resolutions.  Next, hand out the activity sheet and have students write down the resolution of each celebrity. Play again as necessary and take up.  

Resources:  ELT Buzz Teaching Resources


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