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#137 Guatemala (high intermediate)

Geography and travel are topics that really motivate students. This lesson is about Guatemala but teachers can do the same kind of lesson for any country in the world. Just use a similar video from the Stratfor Youtube channel and you are set. 

1.   Preparing.  Write the word Guatemala on the board and elicit student responses. What are the key words associated with Guatemala.


2.  Watch the video (without the handout). After, ask the students the questions on the worksheet or your own.

3.  Watch the video again.   Have students in small groups answer the questions on the worksheet and also try to fill in the basic facts about Guatemala.

4.  Finally, ask students to read and fill in the cloze listening activity. Then play, pausing so students can fill in. Take up. 

ResourcesGif Lingua reader  |  Worksheet   |    Slideshow 1   |  Slideshow 2   |   Guatemala.ppt  |   Video Download  |  Slideshow Download

Comment by ddeubel on February 27, 2019 at 4:37pm

This is a nice Guatemala related presentation by Nat Geo. 

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