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#139 Cheap Bananas High Int.

This lesson for higher level students focuses on an important global issue - the cost of our cheap goods. 

It is meant to get students thinking about the cost others pay so we can have so much, so cheap. Also, to review an important historical event about Guatemala (see this other lesson in a can about Guatemala). 


1.  Ask students to name some cheap things. List them on the board and then ask them to tell you where they think they come from. Discuss as needed. 

2. Give students the handout and in pairs / groups, let them discuss the Pre Watching questions. Take up as necessary.

3. Tell students they are going to watch a film telling a story about bananas. A true story. Ask them to fill in the blanks as they watch. 

4. Get students to order the events of the video. Take up and list. 

Possible Extensions.  

*  have students research a product and present its history to the class. See here.

*  30,000 pounds of bananas song by Harry Chapin. View.

*  Banana pancakes song by Jack Johnson. View


Bananas lesson worksheets and key  |   flashcards   |  flashcards online  |  Video download

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