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#14 Commercials in the EFL Classroom(Int.)

#14 TV Commercials

For this lesson, you'll need a computer and screen. If not, use the Make a commercial blank dialogue with your students (attached) only.  Also, these media awareness flashcards are handy!

TV Commercials are great for the classroom! Look in the Commercials folder of our A/V player. Or see this blog post and get a whole list with recommendations for the language points to use for teaching! A purpose or learning outcome is important.

*** When showing a commercial in class, be careful to edit for content.

This lesson focuses on being the video "Media Wise" and learning to analyze a TV Commerical.

First show students a few TV commercials - ask them to tell you which one they liked best and why? Then talk about what things "hooks" companies use to get us to buy items (celebrities, packaging, music, science, sex, humor, surprise, belonging to a group, miracles etc....).  More commercial options.

Here's a suggestion.

Show the nice little film, MEDIA WISE. This can be used with young students or adults. My adult teachers loved it and the language is clear, easy to understand. Ask students to do the quiz afterwards. You might also do the attached Fact or Opinion pair exercise. Students guess if the statement of their partner is truly a fact or an opinion (commercials make us believe opinions are facts!)

Finally, have the students do the blank dialogue of a commercial (altered from one I used long ago in Side by Side) with a partner. Model first for the students. This is really fun and can be hilarious. Afterwards, chose some pairs to perform the commercial for the class!

If you have time or want to extend to another lesson - use the Analyze a TV Commercial chart I made. Show some other commercials and ask them to fill in the categories.....

Analyzing TV Commercials chart

Fact or Opinion?
Media Wise download
Media Wise teacher's guide
Download a whole list of the best commercials (links) for teaching

Here's a good example of a commercial which has a learning outcome - comparatives/superlatives.

Other resources: Fact or Opinion Pair sheets | Analyzing TV commercials handout | Making Commercials(Vocab) | EnglishCentral video commercials course  |  Download commercial videos

Comment by Marina Shvets on November 24, 2011 at 6:21pm

Thank you, David for great resources. Today I used them in class with Intermediate students. It was a success)))))

Comment by ddeubel on December 2, 2011 at 10:50pm

Marina - great to hear.  

I'm working on a nice "commercial" based lesson that I'll post up here shortly too. Commercials really are great teaching materials. 

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