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#140 - 10 Things Project

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Getting students thinking and harnessing their own inner curiosity through question based instruction – is a great approach.  Or also Project Based Instruction.  The more we educators can harness the inner light and motivation of students, tap into their thirst to know - the more we'll succeed. 

Sometimes like Sugata Mitra suggests, it is nice to just ask a question and then step away. Let the students research and find the answers. Even better if they then share their new knowledge and findings with the class.

This activity: “10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About …..” does just that.

Present your own 10 great things worksheet to the class to provide inspiration and a model (see the example for Pringles provided) 10 things I bet you didn’t know about Pringles. Then ask students in pairs or groups to research and report back. As easy as that! They can color in a picture on their worksheet and the topic can be almost anything; countries, cities, events, products, food, languages, sports, people, biology, films etc …..


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