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#16 Teaching Numbers!(Int.)

#16 Teaching Numbers!

Teaching numbers is a very practical skill that students will appreciate. Knowing how to count isn't enough! We use and state numbers in many different ways. Students need to be exposed to these.

Prepare -- Put up a whole lot of numbers on the board. Prices / temperatures / serial numbers / percentages / decimals / fractions / square roots / math problems / dates / ratios / diameter / length X width / ft. inches etc....

Then ask students a question and from that, they must state the answer that is on the board. Cross each one off as they are asked/answered. Then go over them for pronunciation or review them at the end of the lesson.

Practice. -- Students take the handout and fold it in half. One reads/dictates first for their partner. The partner takes down notes and records the numbers. Make sure they know how to ask "Could you repeat that?" and "Could you speak a little more slowly, please?"

After they are finished they unfold their sheet and correct their dictation.

Produce - Students make their own sentences using the model and changing the numbers. Then practice again with their partner.

You might extend with a listening exercise, having students listen and record the numbers stated in a dialogue.....

And then after all that, I usually do the song, "Feel like a number" or " I, 2, 3, Gloria Estaphan (attached)

Also, this video is a super "engager" - to get students into the lesson about numbers..... and for kids, The Song of the Count rulz!   Also for beginners - try  counting sheep.

Download for offline viewing

Resources:    I FEEL LIKE A NUMBER doc  |   Counting.pdf  |  Film Clip:Gloria Estaphan, 1,2,3

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