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#17 Brand Preferences - Stating preferences and using Neither/either Some of / None of....(Low Int.)

17 Brand Preferences - Stating preferences and using Neither/either Some of / None of....

This lesson is really interactive and greatly motivating. Students of all levels love to talk about their preferences and discuss brands and which they prefer and why?

Prepare- Warm up with the conversation PPt Preferences. First have the students ask you about your own preferences. Then in small groups, they follow the ppt and ask each other. After each questions, they must ask "How come?" ....... If you have time, get the students to do the survey at the end. They write down two opposing things (McDonalds or Burger king) on an index card. They go around the class asking and then when the activity is partial finished (don't allow them to ask everyone unless it's a really small class!) as a group, have each student report back.

Practice. - Students use the brand sheet to talk about the brands of goods they prefer and why? How loyal are they? They must state if they have a brand preference or don't have a preference (see attached.)

Produce - Play the What's my Brand ppt. The first slides are about many brands. Students have 3-5 min. to write the brand name and product to as many as possible. Winner is the team with the longest correct list!

Then go through the top 100 brands. Can they guess the product and even the country of origin? Play it as a competitive game to make it even more interesting.....

In the teaching folder, there are even more materials related to brands. Take a look.

Resources:   What's My Brand ppt      |     Brand Preferences doc     |     Brand Fight

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