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#18 When was the first time / last time....(Low)

This is intended to practice the use of the past simple tense and help students talk about their past experiences. Do you know that almost 70% of English conversation utilizes the past tense? We should spend more time on this, IMO.

Warm Up. Give the students some pictures and have them ask you using the target language on the board.

1. When did you last .....................?
2. When was the first time you..................?

Students can also ask their own questions but they must state two additional follow up questions. Who / What / Where / When / How ..... ? / Why.......? / Did you ........

Next, the students use the attached worksheets to interview their partners. They should also ask follow up questions.

Finally, Students can do a survey about one question and then report back to the class. I use Index cards for them to record and tabulate their survey results.

I often use many pictures to just make this lesson into a small group discussion. A student turns over the card (and I get them from many sources, see Communication Games in our media fire folder for a good source, they can be small and of any action, scene) and the other students ask - When did you last ....? Then, they also ask follow up questions.

A simple lesson but one which assures a lot of language production! Especially with intermediate level students.

Resources:  When did you first / last ... handout   |    When did you last  conversation game  |  When did you last conversation cards  | interactive flash presentation and flashcards for more activities like this. 

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