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#20 Finish It Off!(Int.)

20 Finish It Off ! The power of Bla bla bla bla....

This is a fun, conversational exercise. It can be used as a filler or as a warm up or extended as a full lesson. Lots of spin off possibilities. It is called Finish it and provides students the opportunity to creatively use language "chunks" those groups of 4/5 words in English that convey meaning and context to language.

1. Warm up: Write up on the board -- "Excuse me, what did you say?"....... Speak to students and say a sentence but don't finish it. Just cough or mumble..Example- "Yesterday I went to &(&(&)" The students have to ask - "Excuse me what did you say?" or their own correct reply (could you repeat that. / I'm sorry I didn't catch that...)

This can be hilarious and keep asking them and then repeating.

2. Give the students the Finish it cards. In small groups 2/3 , one student reads the card and just mumbles...the other student asks them to repeat it and they then read the card or "chunk" again and repeat it.


A) "I love to play *)*)*)&^
B) "Excuse me, what do you love to do?" (this is a good variety for higher level students
to rephrase indirectly)
A) "I love to play volleyball in the summer."

3. Bla bla bla..... You can play this also very effectively by doing it "bla bla " style. Students read a chunk and then finish it with bla bla bla..... Their partner must repeat the chunk and finish it correctly. Really works on the students active listening skills when done in this fashion.

Try it, this lesson is fun and really relaxes students while making them produce authentic language! It also helps students "notice" language and what chunks of language go with what others.

Resources:  FINISH IT - Discussion CARD GAME.doc    Interactive Presentation   Pass the Paper Finish it off    Finish it off Gif Books.

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