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#22 Horrible, Stupid, Funny Jokes(Int.)

#22 - Horrible, Stupid, Funny Jokes.

Young learners LOVE jokes. Doesn't matter if they are in English and hard to figure out - they will try and encounter language. Today's Lesson in a Can is about joke telling and sharing..... Find lots more resources in this vein HERE.

1. Write on the board some responses to jokes.

"That's hilarious. / That's stupid"
" That's funny / That's horrible!"
"hahahaha" / How stupid! "
Good one! / I like it ! etc....
"Oh I get it! / I didn't get it!"

Ask students some very simple jokes like "why is 7 afraid of 8? " - Because 7, ate 9!" Get them to respond using the above. Use this or you can use my Joke of the Day ppt. and see if they get 'em.

Give each student a worksheet or one worksheet to a pair. They are to work and match up the joke and the punchline...... Afterwards, they tell another partner or group (there are 3 different selections of 12 jokes each) their joke and respond with the target language.....

It can be very funny and it is a good way to lighten up the day/lesson. Enjoy!

Here is one in parting - "have you heard the one about the bed?
"Neither have I. It hasn't been made up yet."


These funny stories  in our RESOURCES are also great!

Funny Stories Full Screen

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