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23 - AT THE MOVIES - Movie quizzes, posters, vocabulary and more....

Students love going to the movies and discussing their favourites. This Canned Lesson uses that energy to get students to produce language about movies. 

Materials: worksheets provided / Blank sheets of paper / colouring utensils

Part A - Begin chatting about movies. Favorite / types or genres. Actors/actresses etc....
American / your culture - differences
Label movies mentioned into different genres.

Complete the “At the Movies” sheet. Then talk about a movie mentioning genre/actors etc....students guess which movie it is!

Part B - When finished, they make their own Riddles sheet. Read as a class and guess.
Award points.

Part C – Have the students make a movie poster. Or alternately, they can complete the Movie language sheet for vocabulary review (higher students).

Extension:  Show students the Movie Quiz and test their movie knowledge!   Name the movie tune |  Pick The Flick  |  Top Movie Lines   |  Also see all the Gif books based on movies

Make sure they include – visual, title , awards won, show times, theatre name,
reviews, plot summary. Provide an example. Or draw one together first, on the board.
Make sure you post up the movie posters around the school! They will be proud of them....

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