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#24 What Time is it?(Low)

24 What Time is it?

This is a lesson that almost anyone who teaches beginners, will have to do. There are so many ways to attack it but let me just offer you a few activities that are very effective.

1. Use a large flash clock on the screen if you have it. Click here. (more in our Teacher's Toolbox! )Here are a couple more handy resources - O'Clock / What time is it?

Ask the students "What time is it?" and review the time . Then have them in pairs, ask each other as you change the clock.

If you don't have the full screen clock -- a really great way to do this is with TPR - Total Physical Response. Turn your back to the students and use one arm bent to be the hour hand and the other to be the minute hand. One side of the class asks what time is it? and the other states the time. Then have them do this in pairs also........

Here are two activities from Andrew Finch's Tell Me More activity book. A super resource.

In the first - students fill in the clocks and write the time underneath each. Then play bingo.

The second  is a game where students ask "what do you usually do at (....o'clock?). This is for higher level students but also practices stating the time.

Finally you can end a lesson with an appropriate song or watch this REAL ENGLISH video about telling the time. A focus on listening skills and pause the video and get students to repeat what time it was......

Now it's time for me to be back to class!  Video download.  

Resources:  Jessica's "Telling Time" resources   |    1. /  2.  Telling Time

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