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#25 The Thank you Game(Int.)

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25 The Thank you Game

This works well at the end of a session/course. Also Thanksgiving. A very simple activity.

1. Divide the board into two columns. In one,brainstorm the ways of saying "thank you" in English. There are many of them!
In the other brainstorm the ways of replying to "thank you". There are many of them!

2. Practice by saying thank you to students. Example - "thank you for always coming on time, Juan" The students must use a reply that is on the board.

3. Using the Thank you handout, students go around the classroom thanking their classmates. Each time, they check off one item and they can only sit back down after they've run off the whole list. .........

A great, personal fun way to teach about saying "Thank you".
You might end this with a song - "Thank you" by Dido comes to mind as well as "Thank you for being a friend" (I forget the artist!). This also makes a great Thanksgiving lesson - what are you thankful for? Get students writing on this topic or brainstorming vocabulary. 


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