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#30 School is....... (adjectives). (Int.)

30 School is....... (adjectives).

A very simple activity, lesson idea. Today's lesson in a Can is about adjectives used to describe how a person feels: frustrating, boring, exciting etc..... the _______ing form for a person.

(this also might be a good time with higher level students to show / explain the difference between - "The class is boring [to me]" and "The class is bored")

Write the target language from the handout on the board. _________ is / are sometimes _____ing because ______________. Get students to respond about their particular classes and school feelings. Start with school. School is sometimes boring because we have to write quietly. / School is sometimes exciting because we can play soccer etc.........

Then give the students the handouts and ask them to connect as many things with feelings as possible, to express how they feel. In pairs students talk about their answers.
You might finish by asking students to write out 5-10 statements on how they feel about certain things....publish on the class wall and let them read about how other students feel!

A great way to talk about school..... You might also try a Grammar Poem. There is a good one about "school".

RESOURCES:   School is handout.doc  |   Gif Lingua "school" books and quizzes

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