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#26 The Family(Low)

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26 The Family

This is a basic theme in EFL and one every teacher should enjoy teaching. It is personal and motivating.

Here are a few lesson ideas and use what you think is appropriate depending on the level of your students.

1. Write some names on the board - name s from your own family/friends. Students should elicit information from you -- Who is _______? Relate to them using _______ is my ________ He/she/they is/are _____'s _________. Allow students to ask more questions such as "Where does she live? How old.....? If you are a new teacher, it might even be a nice idea to bring in photos or make a ppt of family pics and students ask about those.

2. After this , give each student a blank A4 sheet of paper. Students have 2 min to write down all the names of people in their own family. They can use their L1!

3. In groups of 2/3, students ask each other about family members. Who is ...? Also describe them more, depending on the level.

You can go through these ppts availble in the presentation folder to review vocab and get students speaking more...


Always end by singing "We Are Family". It's also in the karaoke folder. Divide the class into 3 groups. One group sings WE ARE FAMILY group 2 sings - I GOT ALL MY SISTERS WITH ME and group 3 sings GET UP EVERYBODY SING! You the teacher sing the other parts!

This is also a cool Real English video in our More Real English Videos for the Classroom page.

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