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#28 Presentations and Public Speaking (High Int.)

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28 Presentations and Public Speaking

This Lesson in a Can can be short and sweet or long and delicious.....just depends on your own needs. Public speaking though, is something most EFL teachers sooner or later must "teach" but as a subject in and of itself, it is a great way to give students speaking confidence and get them producing real language. You will be amazed, if you are patient, how well most, if not all of your students will perform! All of the materials mentioned below are available through this page or  my workshop page. Also, get the public speaking ebook - The Power Of Presentations.

1. I usually begin a public speaking lesson by brainstorming, "What makes a great presenter?". The students should hit all the bases - Skills / Content / Organization .......... See the full lesson HERE.  I also play the song - "I Hate Public Speaking" for higher level classes.

2. Next, I play the Presentation Tips video and we watch presentations and ask what they can do better.....There are also interactive ppts in the folder which look at the Worst presentation habits and the top presentations tips!

3. Warm up with a game of Angel or Devil. See the lesson material uploaded here.....Students in pairs/ Angel and Devil, state 3 reasons for (angel) or against (devil), a topic -- make sure they use transitions!

4. Prepare a presentation! Give out the presentation skeleton and model a presentation. Discuss the 3 kinds of openings (story/?/Fact). Students then choose one of the topics and prepare a speech. They then "read" their speech in a small group. Change groups several times so they get the chance to deliver it to another group(s).

The next day or if your class is long. Get them to deliver their speech. You might not do evaluations but the Public Speaking folder contains many rubriks and also peer evaluation checklists. The Impromptu speech worksheet has a nice checklist for a presentation.

To extend, you might use any of the included a/v materials. For example I put on the "I have a dream" speech of MLK Jr. in karaoke. I turn off the sound and ask students to try and say the speech on their own. Also, there are a couple of funny speeches you can play for laughter. I also sometimes use Oprah Winfrey's eulogy for Rosa Parks with the transcript, with higher level students. Also a hit with higher level students is the "I hate Public Speaking" song.

Lots you can do here. Also for quick mini speeches, use the mini cards I made. Give a card to a student and they have to quickly make a short 1, 2, 3 speech....  Also see the EnglishCentral Famous Speeches course and books!


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