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#29 Introductions. Who are you? (Int.)

29 - Introductions. Who are you?

This is a very simple idea and it let's students "share" themselves and they will have a poster to put up in the classroom to display for others and be proud of their English.

1. On the board, write the following.


Write your own words there (you the teacher). Students to warm up, make sentences about you the teacher.
Erase your answers and ask the students on the back of their handout (attached) to write their own answer. Give them 5 minutes. After, in pairs or groups they tell about themselves.

Next, ask the students to write one sentence about themselves for each item.

1. My name is....
2. I am .... years old.
3. My birthday is....

You can put up the target language or leave it out depending on the student's level.

Students should help each other to edit their sentences and the teacher goes around the classroom offering help.

Modify the handout as you see fit, to give more room for writing.

Finally, students draw a picture of themselves or their favourite things etc.......Post the work up in your classroom or have some students read them (the most important part of the writing process Publishing! / Presenting!). You might also start a voicethread and have students record an introduction....

 Resources: This Is Me.pdf  | All About Me  (typing) All About Me (writing)   | Pass The Paper - Ask A Question

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