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#3 Spot the Differences ( Int.)

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3 Today's Canned Lesson is for mid to higher level students. It's called Read Aloud and Spot the Differences.

This is similar to the conversation activity in which students look at pictures, describe the pictures, and discover the picture differences. However, this is done with a reading text and students read and listen. In the example below, which is done in pairs, one student reads a text aloud about one animal. The other student listens and reads a text silently until he or she realizes there is a difference . This student informs the partner of the difference in the text. Students write the differences on their texts, and after each student has read aloud, they discuss the differences and decide which information is correct. The teacher can provide the students with a new text which has all the correct information. Students scan it to discover the correct answers.

Sound easy enough? Yes, an instant lesson but make sure you the teacher read these beforehand!

Also, this "Spot The Differences" power point with pictures is a perfect compliment. Students look at the pictures and find as many differences as possible.

Put on the board - In Picture A there is / isn't ...........  but in Picture B there is / isn't.

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