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#31 Top 5 (the best vocab. game) (All)

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31 Vocabulary review - Top 5

Today's lesson in a Can is an example of how to review vocabulary in a fun way. Not really a lesson but a game that I'd like teachers to know about. It is called Top 5. Very user friendly and I've received so many emails from around the world praising it. I've made many games but since this is so simple, it has become the most popular I believe.

Students are in teams and scoring is both individual and team. They try to guess the Top 5 answers to categories. 1 = 10 pts 2 = 7 pts 3 = 5pts 4 = 3pts 5 = 2pts. If the guess an item but their answer is not in the right position, they only get 2 pts.

There are two basic ways to play:

1) With the worksheet. This is the best way. Students individually write their answers down and score. The team leader collects the team scores and totals. Continue as many rounds as desired. Top team wins and also Top student (total of all the category scores).

2) Without the worksheet. -- Put students in groups and they try to guess. If they guess an item on the list they get the associated points and may continue. If it isn't on the list, they lose their turn.

How does the teacher know the answers? Right click and select speakers notes. A small box will appear and move it to the top corner. Cover this on the screen, so only the teacher (you) will see it on your computer. You can also use this method to play Top 5 charades. Students come to the computer and try to act/mime the Top 5 answers until the music stops. Points for each correct.

I've attached the Top 5 elementary version and Christmas version. In our powerpoint games folder there are many more versions for intermediate, advanced and adults. Enjoy! Start Top 5ing today!

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