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#33 Christmas Lessons - "The Joy of Giving" (Low)

33 - Christmas Lessons - "The Joy of Giving"

Today's Lesson in a Can is about Christmas . See our Christmas page for a world of fun ideas.

This lesson really brings a class together and is super fun and rewarding. Students give gifts to each other (only pictures!) and use target language for saying Merry Christmas, thank you and "you shouldn't have / Why did you! / It's lovely! / It's just what I wanted...."  You might also get students making X-mas cards!   or visit ourX-mas gift giving interactive!

First, come to class with some pictures you've cut out of a newspaper or magazine. Nice gift ideas. Tell the students it's Christmas and walk around the class giving items. Stop at a student, handing them the picture and say, "Merry Christmas! Students if advanced must reply with more than "you're welcome" and should use one of the above structures (you've put on the board). Keep going around the class until students get the hang of it.....

Next, give students one of the pictures (see attached from Hadfields Adv. Communication Games) and put them in pairs. They must make a list of students names in the class and write down one of the gift items beside it. They may have to ask you the names of the gifts or look them up in the dictionary.

Finally, when they have decided who is getting what gift, give the signal and students will walk around the class using the target language and giving gifts.

To conclude, ask students what they got and which present they liked best (and why!). Everyone in the class will feel great. If by some chance, some students are not getting many gifts, give them some from your magazine collection. This will make them feel great.   

Christmas Gifts pdf

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