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#34 Mr. Bean's Christmas - Video in the classroom (Low)

34 - Mr. Bean's Christmas - Video in the classroom

I love using Mr. Bean in the classroom (see our resources here and also our Mr. Bean player! and it's been a staple over my teaching career.

Why? Well because the students love his "style" and also it facilitates a lot of language production because it lacks its own language. Thus, the students have to produce the language, vocabulary, role play whatever......

Today's lesson is straight forward. Mr. Bean's Christmas . It is in 3 parts and you will find it in our A/V player. This handout  will guide your students through the video and help check comprehension.

Moreover, I'd play the video twice. The first time, have students describe what Mr. Bean is doing while watching/pausing the video. "Mr. Bean is looking around..." "Mr. Bean is shopping" etc..... even prep the students by pretending to be Mr. Bean before you show the video. Walk around doing goofy things and they have to say....Mrs. x. / Mr. x is ...........! (I once did this same thing with a Mr. Has Been lesson plan, hilarious! Another great way to use a Mr. Bean video (or many other videos for that matter) is to put students in pairs. One student watches the video and when not laughing, describes what Mr. Bean is doing to his/her partner who has their back to the screen. Change after a few minutes. Not as easy as it looks!/seems!

Anyways, enjoy Mr. Bean's Christmas! (handout)  | Download  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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