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#35 Christmas Spirit?! The N.Y. Times Lessons(All)

35 Legally Jolly! The N.Y. Times Snapshot of the Day

This Canned Lesson uses a real neat resource (thank you Nancy Bosch on Classroom 2.0!) - The N.Y. Times Learning Network.

Each lesson is based around the 5 Ws and students complete the exercises and respond critically to the photo and newspaper article. Not hard hitting news but not soft stuff either. Very well done. See it hereUse this handy 5W graphic organizer for any story.

This article is an in depth look at a town that banned the display of a creche and also a menorah on city property (no Christmas tree either!) .

What's great about all this is that students can also access after class on the web, to review. Or even ahead of the class, to prepare. All is ready for you! Or assign one student to present the lesson and prepare ahead! I also like this because it is using "authentic" materials for language teaching -- the goal if possible for all us teachers....

Here's another interesting holiday article - Working the Santa Shift.

Click HERE to get all their Christmas/holiday related lesson articles.

Please let others know what you think about this marvelous resource.....  Also our full directory of X-mas resources.

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