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#36 Last One Standing - A new song game...(All)

36 Last One Standing - A new song game...

Today's Canned Lesson was inspired by a colleague Jennifer. Last week we held our in-house workshops and basically shared some lessons. She demonstrated a way to teach a song which really was interactive, competitive and fun. I'd heard about it but never "did" it -- this is a perfect example of sharing and colleagues learning from each other....I'd of never tried this in my own classroom without her "push". See all our Last One Standing videos HERE. Resources HERE. 

Probably the most popular last one standing video is - THIS STUDENT MADE video.   Here are the words I used. 











1. Divide the class into groups.

2. Put up the Powerpoint "Last man standing" and show the vocabulary page (there is a rules page also). Review the vocab in whatever way you find works. Ask the students to draw the vocab. or make sentences but be sure to ask them to "guess' the song.

3. After you have pre-taught the vocabulary, give students an A4 blank sheet of paper. Ask them to write on of the words on the sheet of paper, BIG and preferably in marker.

4. Then, play the song. Students are standing and if they hear their word, they can sit down. (or vice versa). Here it again, they stand up! Continue and those standing at the end win. Most standing in a group, that group wins. Really fun and afterward play the whole song with the vocabulary highlighted.

Let me know how this works for you. I will make a version with many songs shortly (but without full lyrics. Very easy to edit this and do your own songs. Remember, to embed as I did in Powerpoint, you need to convert the mp3 songs into .wav files . Then you can travel with them and don't need both a sound and a powerpoint file.

This would make a really good camp song activity - so all you camp teachers, take note!


Resources:  Last One Standing Pop Song Version 1 ppt     |      Last One Standing Version 2 ppt

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