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#37 The 3 Sentence Game. Variations on guessing games.....(All)

37 The 3 Sentence Game. Variations on guessing games.....

Everyone knows the 20 question guessing game. (and see 20Q and Akinator for great online versions! )  Well, this game is a variation and just one of many possible variations. First to be demonstrated whole class (put the pic on the screen or overhead) and then students can play in groups or pairs.

It simply consists of a handout with a grid of pictures. I've uploaded one that is very usable, from Andrew Finch's book TELL Me More...a very practical, teacher friendly book of activities for young learners. My fav. game is called the 3 sentence game. Students make 3 sentences using the structures....

1. It can ....... 2. It doesn't ........ 3. It is ...............

They state their sentences clearly and other students guess. If they don't guess right, that student gets a point!

Other variations:

1. 20 question style. Students ask yes/no questions until they guess the right one.

2. Concentration. Students cut up two sheets and then lay the cards on their desks. They turn them over and say a sentence, trying to get matches...

3. Snap. One sheet to a group. A caller or a teacher describes and the first in the group to 'snap" or put their finger on the correct picture wins a point.

4. Bingo. Traditional style with chips or marker. But have the students use full sentences to describe. Other students listen and then select the right can even have them cut up the picture, make their own card and turn over when they hear the caller state.....easy way to do bingo.

5. Your own variation!!!!!

3 Sentences Game Andrew Finch PDF   This post has lots more "Guessing" ideas.  Also, Guess What/Who games  and Let's Talk guessing games.


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