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#38 Adv. / Disadv. Angel and Devil - Sequencing information (Int.)

38 Adv. / Disadv. Angel and Devil

- Sequencing information

I mentioned this lesson idea earlier in the Canned lesson about Presentations. In this activity, students state 3 reasons for or against something in pairs. One person is the angel and gives 3 good reasons using sequential transitions (Firstly, first of all, in the first place / Secondly, furthermore ....... and so on...) One person is the devil and gives 3 reasons NOT to.

First model. The teacher is the devil and gives three reasons NOT to (study - for example!). The students offer 3 reasons TO study . Make sure they order their arguments using transitions.

Then in pairs students play, being angel and devils.....can lead to some lively discussion and really gets students thinking on their feet or the seat of their pants!

Resources:   Advantages/Disadvantages.doc

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