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#39 BAAM! - A multi level language game / idea using flashcards/pictures (All)

39 BAAM! - A multi level language game / idea using flashcards/pictures.

I got this idea awhile back while listening to a podcast interview of the genki English founder (it's in our music player). It is called BAAM! and is a stimulating game of chance most appropriate for young learners but adults enjoy it too.

1. Find some appropriate flashcards which will help you practice whatever theme/vocab or language structure you are studying.  100s of sets and an ebook HERE.

2. Divide students into 3s.

3. Put the flashcards into a bag/box. For every 5 flashcards put in a BAAM! card.

4. Students take turns reaching into the bag and pulling out a card. If it is a BAAM card - they must return all their cards to the bag/box. If it is a flashcard, they must use produce a response.

(this can depend on the level and target language. The lowest level of students can just say the word/what it is. The highest can use some language structure like Yesterday I ........... I also often have the student who draws the card produce 3 questions about the flashcard to ask the partners. But this is all up to you - the teacher).

5. The first student with 3 flash cards correctly answered wins!

I've attached the BAAM cards and some elementary flashcards that are usable. You can also use any of the many flashcards in our mediafire account. Further, take any ppt and make flashcards by using print preview and chosing Print 6 slides / page. They make beautiful flashcards and it's a handy trick for many things, ppt - print preview.

Also, play BAAM with PPT.

Resources:  Teaching with pictures - a great source of pictures for this activity.

                      BAAM Powerpoint Templates & Discussion (get rules - how to play). 

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