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#44 Make a Difference (High Int.)

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44 Make a Difference

This Lesson in a Can is really creamy, really cool and definitely wayyyyyy out there. It's objective is to get students discussing how they can make a difference. Empowerment, in the narrowest sense.

You might begin this with a brainstorming session on what are the problems in

a) their life
b) their school/community
c) with family/friends
d) the world

Next, engage! Here is a cool video karaoke (find and play with the player available on our Karaoke page) by a cool singer, Raul Midon. Present the song and have them raise their hands when they hear / see certain vocabulary. Write the vocab words on the board. Or have groups listen for different vocab. (you chose!). After, get each group to compete to sing the chorus,

Everybody can be somebody
and everybody
can make a little difference
in this world.

Next, brainstorm together on the board, using this graphic organizer. MAKE A DIFFERENCE Get one or two ideas and have the students in pairs/small groups, complete it with pictures about how they can make a difference. A caption for each one.

Have students present their work afterward or display! I always make this an important part of the lesson and not an afterthought. In fact,it is the most important part -- publishing/presenting.

I hope this little lesson idea has made a difference in somebody's teaching world!  Teachers - you'll be inspired by this presentationand also this now iconic movie. Both about making a difference.

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